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Welcome to our new website!

Nov 29, 2013

Welcome to IngotImaging's new eCommerce website! We have switched from Smugmug to PhotoStore, a framework that allows us to keep all of our profits and gives us more selection in how we sell products and services to you. We made this decision primarily in light of the 15% cut that Smugmug took from the profits made with them, though also because their service was focused largely on photo enthusiasts and professionals that sell prints and photos as fine art and portraits. As such, their priorities were things that didn't line up with what we needed a website to do. They released a new redesign at Smugmug several months ago, which we were unable to use upon release because it removed the search by gallery functionality used to find event photos by bib number.

Our new website will also let us give you racers better features! Purchase a "Season Pass" and get downloadable files from each race of the season at a great discount!
We also have lightboxes on this site, which will allow you to create collections of photos throughout the season while logged in to your account.

Tips & Tricks for Navigating the New

- All key links are on the toolbar at the top of every page. Event Photos and Season Passes are easily accessible, as is the contact form if you have any questions.

- Create an account! This will allow you to create lightboxes of your favorite images, from your own to those of friends and family and come back to them later. Teams, assign a person to create a team lightbox and add photos of your riders from each race for easy viewing! Creating an account is unfortunately required before you order photos to ensure that sales tax is collected properly. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

- Don't miss out on the new Season Passes! You can save up to 50% on digital downloads by purchasing a season pass in advance. They allow you to download 16 files over the course of the season, in any combination you like. Click the "Season Passes" link on the toolbar to find out more.

- Bib number searching works as great as ever, but the new algorithm tends to include numbers found in filenames as well as the bib numbers for photos. Set your search to exclude filenames and your results will be more relevant.

- Use the great new "Similar Media" tab on an image page to see all of the tagged photos of yourself from the event!

- And don't forget to scroll through the photos if bib searching doesn't bring anything up. There are many cases where bib numbers are facing away from the camera or are otherwise untaggable, so this is occasionally necessary.

If you find any bugs, errors, or issues, please don't hesitate to send us an email via the Contact Us page. If you find a new issue with the website, we'll even send you a code for a 25% discount on your purchase!

Copyright & Licensing Info

All images on this website are strictly copyright, with rights reserved to IngotImaging. This means that if you like your photos, you should buy them! Every penny you spend through IngotImaging goes directly back into making our event coverage top notch for the next event, and stealing photos from our website does a disservice to your racing comrades and the culture that you race within. If you don't want to spend anything on your photos, they're free to view on our website for up to a year after the event, so check back and admire yourself whenever you like!

If you'd like to share your photos with friends, you can copy the URL to the page and post it online, or you can click the envelope under your photo and email a link to whoever you like.

All downloads and prints purchased from are licensed through our Personal Use License, which you can read here.